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We provide support, counseling and coaching for domestic violence victims/survivors.

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Beverly Cunningham Outreach Program

The Beverly Cunningham Outreach Program (BCOP) is a domestic violence awareness non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping to bring an end to violence. The creation of The Beverly Cunningham Outreach Program was inspired by the life of an extraordinary woman whose love for children overflowed and touched the lives of countless others. After her passing, the mission began to develop her legacy, and to share the heart she possessed, through a living continual demonstration of her love. Her son, Roderick Cunningham, felt the pressing need to pass along the love she both felt for all children, and thus he became the vision for The Beverly Cunningham Outreach Program. He hopes the number of children he is able to reach through his vision will forever keep the memory of our beloved Beverly alive.

Our Mission

The foundation’s mission is to provide individual and group counseling, advocacy and rehabilitation services to survivors of domestic violence. The foundation also seeks to be an outlet for community youth who are at risk of becoming victims of violence, substance abuse or who are impacted by health issues.

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Let's Talk Series

The 2020-2021 Let’s Talk Series program will cover:
  • Addressing Well-Being for People of Color (POC) During COVID-19
  • Mental Health & HIV Well-being
  • Physical Well-being
  • Financial Well-being
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Did You know?

On average, nearly 20 people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner in the United States. During one (1) year, this equates to more than 10 million women and men.

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Wounds to Wisdom: The Survivors' Series, Volume 2


BCOP’s founder, Roderick Cunningham, is featured in Wounds to Wisdom: The Survivors’ Series, Volume 2.

Wounds to Wisdom…The Survivor Series focuses on the life stories of 12 bold and courageous domestic violence survivors. The authors share intimate details of their experiences with domestic violence, the process of becoming survivors, and discovering essential wellness principles to live a winning lifestyle after the abuse.

Dedicated to domestic violence survivors all over the world and to those who have lost their lives to Domestic Violence, the authors respectfully tribute Mothers, Sisters, Brothers, Fathers, Children and Friends.

This book will breathe hope into others living in similar pits of despair that these courageous individuals survived. It serves as a reminder that despite any emotional wounds that people suffer from because of abuse, the pain can lead to a true purpose in life. The wisdom shared in this book are lessons that can teach others that if they allow themselves to learn, they can grow in a positive direction from the experience

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