About BCOP

The creation of The Beverly Cunningham Outreach Program was inspired by the life of an extraordinary woman whose love for children overflowed and touched the lives of countless others.

After her passing, the mission began to develop her legacy, and to share the heart she possessed, through a living continual demonstration of her love.

Her son, Roderick Cunningham, felt the pressing need to pass along the love she both felt for all children, and thus he became the vision for The Beverly Cunningham Outreach Program. He hopes the number of children he is able to reach through his vision will forever keep the memory of our beloved Beverly alive. Read more of Beverly’s story…

The Beverly Cunningham Outreach Program is a member of the following Coalitions:

  • Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence
  • Strengthening Families and Communities Coalition of Atlanta
  • Georgia Department of Labor–DeKalb/Rockdale Employer Committee
  • DeKalb County School District–Career, Technical And Agricultural Education Business Partner
  • DeKalb Chamber of Commerce
  • Georgia Chamber of Commerce
BCOP is fortunate to have a dedicated and diverse Board of Directors:
  • Roderick Cunningham, Founder,  Chairman and CEO
  • James T. Roberts, Vice Chairman, Board of Directors, Pastor, Pentecostal Temple COGIC
  • Donica Kennon, Secretary/Treasurer, Board of Directors, Liaison Coordinator for DeKalb County Clerk of Superior Court
  • Diane Adoma, Budget Chair, Board of Directors, Entrepreneur/Owner H&R Block Rockdale County
  • Latrese Young, Project Manager, Board of Directors, Executive Assistant Commissioner Lee May
  • Chyna McGarity-Namho, Domestic Violence Program Planner, Board of Director, Suntrust Corporate Office/Domestic Violence Advocate & Survivor
  • Debra DeBerry, Fundraising Committee, Board of Directors, DeKalb County Clerk of Superior Court
  • Robin May, Fundraising Committee, Board of Directors, Life Coach/Marriage Counselor
  • Cynthia Pitts, Administrative Assistant For Budget Chair, Board of Directors, Pastor, Fresh Oil Christian Ministries
  • Tracy Pitts, Community Liaison, Board of Directors, Bishop, Fresh Oil Christian Ministries